Oh right, I have a blog. I recently watched someone else navigate this website, and the main blog page is where they went to see what's new.... and found a post from a year and a half ago. As a significant understatement, since December 2022, a lot has happened. Limiting the scope of "what's been happening?" to just my photography, or stuff that's directly relevant to this website, here's an update. Perhaps the next one of these will get posted before another year and a half goes by.


When I last wrote, I'd just started photographing Pangaea Cabaret. I've kept this up, photographing almost every show since then. HP Loveshaft puts on a great show, with an impressive variety of performers, whether they've been performing for decades or are brand new to the stage. HP reminds us that drag is a political art form. During ongoing genocide and state repression, solidarity is essential. He's written extensively on this, so go support him on Patreon and read his work over there. And/or, if you're in Berlin, come to a show - second Fridays at Crack Bellmer
You can find photos from all the previous shows in the archive. Or, here's a list:

The Irre.Gular Show!

Another show I've gotten involved with is The Irre.Gular Show. Find those albums here:

Three Drag Tenors

Last month, I photographed a show for The Three Drag Tenors at Silverfuture. The show was about two hours of incredible singing and hilarious drag king acts. The photos from this show are here: The Three Drag Tenors

publishing the code for this site
I started making the code behind this website public on github. It's still incomplete, as the code on my computer is a terrible mess where the content and code are hopelessly intermingled. This project is one that grew very organically, in random spurts as I had time, energy and patience to do so. But, I've been thinking a lot about the history and politics of the internet. It's infuriating to me how so many people's presence here is controlled by the big platforms that don't give a fuck about them, where things can change at the whims of billionaires and algorithms. I remember how I learned to make websites, starting as a young teenager in the days of Angelfire. I learned html and css largely through viewing the source of other people's websites, and built my own janky fan sites for my favorite bands. How you get from some text on your computer to something others can interact with has gotten so obfuscated since then. I figure the absolute least I can do is to share my work, with its rough edges and mess. If this can help one person fuck around with building something, it would be an honor.

This code is a mess. It's idiosyncratic, and is certainly not a product that someone can take, as-is, and easily spin up their own website. But it works, and does exactly what I need it to. I think the internet would be a better place if it had more hand-built nonsense.