A couple weekends ago, I photographed a magical afternoon of performances on the water. The event called Siren Quingdom was initiated by Alec M Ballz (Dominique Schwenner), created by the Venus Boys, and included a few special guests. The crowd followed along on the banks of the Landwehrkanal as three themed boats floated along.

Running late, I biked towards the performance route, unsure of where exactly I'd find them. I heard music and cheering, and then came to this spot where I could see the boats clustered by Treptower Brücke, surrounded by trees that made it very clear that it's Autumn now.

Further along the route, there were a few delightful performances on the Cyborg Boat. And then, just as the sun came to its low, golden hour angle, the Siren Boat came close to shore, with Shirley Knott, Buba Sababa and Mona LaDoll performing.

As the daylight faded, performers on the Revolutionaries Boat took the stage. Here's one of my favorite photos from that batch, Angelo Dynamo as a pirate while a rowing group passed by.

In addition to all these wonderful performances, I also got to spend some time with a dear friend and incredible documentary artist, Suzanne Forbes. This was her first time out drawing at a live event since the pandemic hit Berlin. She was able to attend and draw the afternoon's performance because of the assistance of Lithe, of Shimmies Accessories. Check out Suzanne's website for her drawings of these and other performances, and support her on Patreon.

Find the full set of photos from this event here in the archive.