Audrey Penven

Audrey is a photographer. In her work, she considers time to be a collaborator. It shows up in the vibrant fleeting moments of live performance, accumulated in long exposure, or otherwise in artifacts and context. She always desires to be true to the moment.

She started her life in suburban New Jersey and has been photographing since she got her first camera at age four. She went on to study photography with a conceptual focus and philosophy at Rutgers University. Being a city creature at heart, she found her way to San Francisco where she photographed concerts, circus, burlesque, immersive art, protests and more. She was the in-house photographer for the world-famous Hubba Hubba Revue burlesque and variety show. Her work has been exhibited in Oakland, California and Vienna, Austria (during a residency with the art-technology-philosophy group monochrom). She's shot album cover photos for musicians including Jill Tracy and Unwoman.

In addition to photography, she's trained as an aerialist since 2011, built large-scale art installations with Ardent Heavy Industries, writes code and is learning German. Since 2019, she's been based in Berlin.

About this website

The visual aesthetic of this site is based on a design created by Star St. Germain in 2014, with various modifications over the years. My logo is also by Star.

This is a static site, generated by some custom ruby code, written by me, and can be found here: My aim was for the final site to be as simple and lightweight as possible (though, the abundance of image files kinda mess that up). Functionally this means it contains no javascript, cookies or other tracking devices. So, if you're viewing this site from the EU, the lack of cookie-consent notices is not a mistake. :)

Corrections and Updates

I've done my best to annotate my photos with proper credits and links. However, I make mistakes and things change. Facebook deletes a page because someone didn't use a name they recognize as "real". Links break for a multitude of reasons. Names and pronouns change. People change their minds about how or if they want to be represented on the internet. So, if you've found something in need of updating/removing, send me an email at, and I'll sort it out as soon as I can.

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